The Importance of Retention and Retainers

What happens after we remove your braces?

When we remove your braces, we will begin the retention stage of your treatment. The purpose of a retainer is to keep your teeth in their new proper position after your braces are removed. By wearing a retainer, your gums and bone are given time to stabilize around the new position your teeth are in. You may have to wear a retainer all day when you first get it, but then wear it at night time only once your teeth begin to stabilize. Life long retention might be required, so never discard your retainers and have new ones made when required.

There are several types of retainers you could choose from:

1.Clear removable retainers: Clear removable retainers are retainers made of clear strong plastic and should be worn at all times for the first 6 months or even 12 months if your teeth have the tendency to move. Your retainers should also be removed when eating or when participating in sports that require a mouth-guard.(£85 per arch or £170 for 2)

Please make sure you keep your removable retainers in the case provided when not wearing them. To clean these retainers brush them with a tooth brush and soak then in Retainer Brite tablets using warm water. You can purchase more cases if you happen to lose them, just ask at our reception desk.

Vivera retainers:Vivera-Retainer

You can purchase Vivera retainers from Invisalign which according to their data are made of a material which is 30% stronger than ordinary retainer material and will hold your teeth in their position better. They come in sets of 3 (£330 for 3 upper and 3 lower or £230 for 3 for one arch)

Advantages: Very hygienic.

Disadvantages: Can forget to use them or misplace them (new one can be ordered though cost is incurred).


2. Fixed /Bonded retainers: Fixed retainers (a wire attached to back of your front teeth) is another alternative way to prevent your teeth from moving. (£95 per arch or £190 for 2)

permanent retainerAdvantages: Fixed so cannot misplace it.

Disadvantages: Cannot floss in between the teeth so effective cleaning is mandatory.

If a fixed retainer gets dislodged then repair is needed (cost is incurred). Fixed retainers can get dislodged if your bite is not favourable or enamel has signs of acid erosion which can happen at any time during the life of your teeth.




3. Double Retention

In some instances it is possible to have a fixed retainer and a removable retainer over the fixed wire if you want to minimize any chances of relapse. Please discuss if this is possible for your situation.

Remember that retainers should be worn long term. Our final orthodontic result depends on how well you wear your retainers, so follow through with the hard work you have put in so far. We strongly suggest a spare set of retainers at all times it is the best investment you’ll ever make to secure the alignment of your teeth. After 12 months of supervised retention period we may revise your retention regime. We will recommend you to continue the retention process nightly. Retention once provided by your dentist becomes your responsibility!

There are other retainers available as well, such as Hawley removable retainer and LTL (lifetime lingual) retainer, please ask if you need more info on them.

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