My Invisalign Journey – Part 7

Well as you now know, Dr Aisha recommended I have Full Invisalign® braces 6 months ago after I told her I was unhappy with my smile.

Basically I’d put myself on hold while looking after two children, a husband and a business until it got to the point where I really needed to do something about them as it was affecting how much I smiled as I was getting a little more self-conscious of my smile as the gap at the front side of my teeth grew.  I didn’t know before coming here that your teeth continually move and over time this can cause problems which is another reason why Dentists recommend 6 monthly checkups.  On the aesthetic side, it caused a problem for me as I didn’t like the changes that were occurring!

I’ve always loved biology and beauty and the cosmetic side of the practice has really become a passion of mine but since working at Sale Dental Spa I really do notice people’s teeth. Most people look at people’s eyes when they meet them, now I can safely say that Dentists and anyone who works in the field of dentistry looks at your teeth!

Stages of Invisalign®

It’s been really great to see for myself how Invisalign® works, from the various stages I’ve been through

  1. Researching Invisalign® online
  2. Making an appointment with Sale Dental Spa
  3. Initial Smile Makeover Consultation with Mandi
  4. iTero 3D Scan,
  5. Assessment and recommendations by Dr Aisha
  6. having the 3D video of my teeth emailed to me to look at in my own time and discuss with friends and family
  7. Sorting out the cost of Invisalign®
  8. Agreeing to have treatment
  9. Having regular fittings
  10. Changing the aligners on the dates specified
  11. Completion of treatment (estimated 12 months after treatment!)
  12. Fitting of retainers

I’m now up to stages  9  and 10 and having regular fittings of my aligners.

I’m not sure if this is unusual but have been fast tracked for my teeth and have moved now from a two weekly aligner change to a weekly change.

Expert Dental Advice

The reasons being that

1 I am quite an impatient person, and want everything done yesterday!

2 I’m not experiencing any discomfort (or excruciating pain like I did years ago when I had my pallet brace when I was a teenager.  I can’t remember the exact date but I remember the pain and swallowing regular painkillers!!)

Having spoken to Dr Aisha and saying that I think I could take more pressure on my teeth to get them moving,  she recommended I switch using the aligners from a fortnightly changeover to a weekly changeover.  It seems my teeth are quite adaptable and so react really well to gentle pressure (from the aligners) so I’m happy to report I am now well into my weekly changeovers and am loving the results!

Changes in my Teeth

I am now on week 19 of my 35 week treatment plan and I must say that I can see and feel the difference in my teeth and my smile.

Firstly the gap on my left side, in between my front tooth (incisor) and the next incisor to the left, has closed a lot so it is now equal in spacing to the space in between my two front teeth.  This really helps to give my mouth an even look, rather than the gappy asymetrical look previously on my left side, so I’m really pleased with even that minor change!

Invisalign Patient

Although I am a bit impatient, I am also a great patient (even if I say so myself! ha) as I do follow the Dentist’s advice to the letter and to be fair I have had expert advice on hand from the whole team at Sale Dental Spa which has to be a perk of the job!!

I do think that if you’re given good advice, it’s up to you to follow it, so now that I am older an wiser I am taking the advice of keeping the aligners in for 20-22 hours. Most of the time I think I probably keep to at least 22 as I only take them out to eat breakfast, (10 mins), lunch, (30 mins) and dinner (30-60  mins) so I am seeing the benefit now in terms of great results.

If you’re unhappy with your smile and thinking of having braces then I highly recommend them.  Just book in to have a FREE smile makeover consultation. What have you got to lose?



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