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Smile Makeover Confidence

Dr Aisha and her team are teeth whitening EXPERTS in Sale, Cheshire and they are on a mission to bring brighter, whiter smiles to all our clients.

We all notice a white, bright confident smile when we meet a person! Confidence is very attractive and a lovely smile has the power to change our mood and lift us all!

If you are NOT confident when smiling it can affect your life and your decisions.  You may feel uncomfortable meeting new people as you are self conscious about your teeth or you may cover your mouth when you are talking, or even not smile at all, as you really don’t want to show your teeth. Sound familiar?

Confident people make confident decisions so if you have been thinking for a while about improving your smile and have not done anything about it yet, then perhaps now is the time to take that first step and boost your confidence.

Steps towards a Whiter, Brighter Smile

  1. Call 0161 969 7464 and ask for a FREE smile makeover consultation appointment with Mandi, our Treatment Co-ordinator
  2. You can then discuss your dental wishes and ask any questions you may have in the first instance
  3. We will have to see you in person before any dental treatment to discuss the teeth whitening options available to you will need to  arrange to come and see us in person
  4. Check your diary when choosing a date and time to suit you and your lifestyle
  5. Put the appointment in your diary and if it’s on your phone, add a reminder so that you are prepared with any questions that are on your mind and that you arrive in good time

Your Teeth Whitening Consultation

When you come in to see us for your teeth whitening at the Dentist, we will book you in for a 30 minute appointment with Mandi who will carry out a full Teeth Whitening Consultation where she will:-

  • Discuss your past oral and dental health history
  • Assess and look in your mouth, taking into account any crowns, fillings or other past dental treatment
  • Carry out a shade test on your teeth to assess what colour your teeth are now and take a starting point shade
  • Find out what shade of tooth you would like to go to
  • Thoroughly discuss the benefits and limitations of the different teeth whitening options available to you
  • You can then book in for your treatment!

What Ingredients are in Teeth Whitening Products?

The active ingredient in teeth whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide, which has been proven by dental experts to be a safe and effective means of whitening your teeth, however, in the UK and throughout Europe it can only be purchased from a Dentist for use under their direct supervision.

This is because before undertaking any form of teeth whitening treatment it is essential that you have a full dental examination to ensure it is safe for you to use and you have no contraindications (reasons for not) having your teeth whitened.

Benefits of Whitewash Home Whitening

If you choose to have your teeth whitenened with Whitewash products you will be given 4 weeks’ supply of product and there is no need for any extra top ups after this.  You can begin your treatment using the first two weeks and you can stop at this point if you are happy with your new shade. Or, you can continue to the following weeks to attempt to go lighter.

This system is really great for slightly darker teeth shades who want a much ligher shade of teeth.

Any unused tubes do have a shelf life of 2 years and stored correctly in a cool dark place can be used for future top ups.

Cons of Whitewash Home Whitening

There is a slight risk of tooth sensitivity (any sensitivity stops after treatment, it is NOT permanent)

There is no guarantee on your final shade.

Teeth Whitening Cost

Whitewash home whitening kits are currently just £399 for 4 weeks’ supply.

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening

If you do decide to go for cheaper teeth whitening products such as toothpastes or gels, please remember that these are not as effective as the products recommended by Dentists themselves. You should always consult a Dental Expert before having your teeth whitened.

 Your Teeth Whitening Dentist

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