Healthy teeth, healthy gums, healthy you! But how?

Teeth and gums literally go hand in hand! Healthy teeth and gums make a healthy mouth and ultimately a healthy you. Teeth and gums have three main jobs: eating, talking and smiling. Just imagine how difficult it would be to carry out these jobs without teeth. Diseased teeth and gums lead to tooth loss and we can probably function with a couple of teeth missing but not when a whole series of teeth are lost. It is not cool at all to sleep with dentures in a glass of water at your bedside. Gone those days when people used to accept dentures as a replacement of missing teeth.The good news is that with an early adopted personalised prevention plan, tooth loss  can be easily avoided. Although missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants, dental bridges, metal or plastic (acrylic) dentures, trust me there is nothing like your own teeth. Without teeth one is unable to chew and enjoy food thoroughly. If teeth are missing at the front of the mouth pronouncing different letters is difficult and can have a knock on effect if you play different musical instruments such as a saxophone. Imagine smiling with teeth missing at the front of the mouth, wouldn’t you agree a tooth less smile only looks cute on a baby!

Mouth not only functions at a local level (eating, smiling and talking) but also plays a very important part in maintaining the general health of the body. Mouth is the gateway to the inner organs and structures. If this gateway especially the structures supporting them i.e. gums are diseased how can the rest of the body stay healthy? There is an established correlation between gum disease (periodontitis) and other systemic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, premature birth and even Alzheimers. If gums and teeth are infected, whatever we chew will take some of the toxins with it, how can that be good for you? Just imagine the bad breath an infected and diseased mouth will cause. All of this can have a knock on effect on one’s confidence levels.

The above mentioned factors are the reasons why one should look after their teeth and gums to an absolute level. This would not only minimise your visits to your dentist but would also help you avoid costly dental bills. With just a few tweaks in your daily routine, you and your family can keep your teeth for life! More prevention and less active treatment is good for you and good for the dentist’s back… A win win situation for both!

Here are my 7 key “tips for teeth for life”:

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day
  2. Clean in between your teeth 
  3. Cut down on sugary and acidic foods 
  4. Brush baby teeth as soon as they come through 
  5. Straighten crooked teeth with braces and Invisalign 
  6. Avoid smoking and alcohol and especially both together.
  7. Have regular dental check ups and don’t delay dental treatments. 

In the coming weekly blogs I will be sharing each tip to keep your teeth for life in more detail so stay tuned for that. I understand  you guys have a busy life and it might feel like one extra chore to do but I’m 100% sure once you understand the why and the how of them, it’ll be easy for you to embed them into your routine effortlessly. If you have any further questions about the above please do contact us and my team and I will be happy to send further info over to you.

Love and care

Your dental health coach

Dr Aisha Ahmed




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