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As Love Island is screened again this Summer, love it or loathe it, the Love Island effect is taking hold with tans and bright white teeth to be “the look” of the season!!  As the beautiful contestants “couple up” we see a host of uniform, bright, white smiles daily on our TV screens. It’s no surprise then that we all seem to be yearning for that brighter, whiter smile that is so attractive and inflectious!

Alongside of the physical side, of simply having whiter teeth, the boost to our Client’s confidence is immeasurable. We hear this time and time again and it makes our job here so much more rewarding as we can see the boost to confidence and happiness radiating from Clients who have whiter teeth. They even smile more too as they no longer need to hide their yellower smile which they may have been self conscious about, especially if they are a groom or bride with a special day looming.

And who can resist a white smile and a golden tan?


Teeth Whitening at Home

If you’ve been doing a google search on teeth whitening in Manchester you’re not alone! We’ve noticed there has been a big surge in searches for teeth whitening at home, however, home kits bought over the counter are no match for the Dentist prescribed products that we have here at the Spa.  Unlike over the counter remedies, our chosen suite of products have been scientifically proven to really work. 

Enlighten teeth whitening products are professional teeth whitening products that have been proven to be amongst the best teeth whitening products there are!

Teeth Whitening Cost

Enlighten products retail at Sale Dental Spa for £595 which includes a two week kit plus a teeth whitening booster of an in-house finish here on Washway Road in Cheshire.

If you are really lucky and you are reading this in June or July 2019, you can take advantage of our fantastic July offer of Enlighten Teeth Whitening for just £475 * if you book and pay in July.

We love happy patients and this offer is guaranteed to ensure happy smiles all round!

Teeth Whitening Process

Once you have decided that Enlighten is the teeth whitening product for you then your Dentist (either Dr Aisha, Dr Ish or Dr Wajiha) will make some bespoke moulds of your teeth which take a couple of weeks to come back. You will be contacted when they are ready and have another appointment for your moulds to be checked at the Spa and to ask any questions on how to use your at-home whitening kit

Your at-home treatment lasts for two weeks when you will need to wear the clear moulds, filled with whitening gel, overnight. After the first week, you swap to a stronger gel.

After your two weeks of treatment at home,  you will come in again to have a 40-minute in-surgery booster session to finally give you the white teeth you have dreamed of.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten has been given many accolades in The Press, with

OK Magazine claming the result is

A natural looking whiter smile to break a thousand hearts!

Daily Express’ tests concluded

Enlighten 10/10

As well as Richard and Judy pronouncing Enlighten

The Clear Winner in our Test

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

At your Booster appointment your Dentist will apply a strong bleaching gel on your teeth and expose them to intense light.

In the resulting reaction, coloured molecules are oxidised into smaller, less pigmented molecules. This can whiten teeth by six to ten shades.

You may not be suitable for this treatment if you have ‘synthetic teeth’ (veneers, crowns or a bridge), are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have sensitive teeth.

Teeth Whitening and Sensitivity

One of the primary concerns patients seem to have regarding teeth whitening is if the procedure is going to be harmful to their dental health. I completely understand that this may be a concern and barrier, however, the long-term safety of teeth whitening has been established repeatedly in tests; research shows no significant long-term effects associated with professional at-home whitening treatments.

Professional teeth whitening does not work by stripping any aspect of the tooth or by damaging the enamel. Instead, the ingredients penetrate the deeper layers of the tooth (both the enamel and dentine) and in turn then brighten the tooth from the inside outwards.

As Dentists, it is our job and professional duty to ensure that you have healthy teeth which are suitable for teeth whitening and that the procedure is performed safely on our premises and that is exactly what we will do for you.

Dr Aisha recommends this premium product to clients on her long waiting lists as time and time again the results are excellent. That’s why if you would like a guaranteed result of a Vita B1 Shade then Enlighten may be the product for you.

Just call Mandi to book in for a consultation or have a no obligation chat.

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