Do you suffer from dental anxiety?

Did you know that 25% of the British population suffer with some sort of dental anxiety before attending a practice? We know most people don’t LIKE coming to see us, that is why we try and make your experience as enjoyable as we can while you are here.

Are you terrified of the dentist and been putting off seeing the Dentist for years? Even worse, are you scared of the dentist but need treatment?  Honestly, we understand and will do our very best to soothe your dental anxiety as we are very used to being dentists for nervous patients. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our patients to show up routinely every 6 months to see us, as we get a good catch up and are able to stay on top of any dental problems before they become an issue but if this sounds like you then please pluck up the courage and give us a call before you are in any pain.

Let me tell you about the process, the complete UN clinical side of the journey at our dental practice here in Sale, Cheshire.  You will first of all, never ever be judged – no matter what condition your teeth are in and if you feel you have really bad teeth – and we know it can be daunting, we honestly LOVE that you have chosen us, and that you have stepped foot through that front door, we understand that many of our clients have probably had some dental anxiety before they see us.

Your Appointment

Once you have made that massive step of actually attending the appointment; the amount of relief that will be taken off your shoulders will be immense.  I can’t tell you the treatment plan you are given will make you happy, but the amount of people who come in and tell me “I am terrified of the dentist” or “I am embarrassed about the state of my teeth” is more common than you can imagine. Once the dentist has told you what treatment they actually need, people come out pleasantly surprised and I often hear “Oh I can’t believe that’s all I need?”

If you happen to need an extensive amount of dental treatment and the potential cost of dental treatment is giving you sleepless nights, again we totally understand, your teeth may be the last thing you want to spend your money on and is it worth spending a small fortune on rectifying the issues? The short answer, for long term general health is YES! Do not worry, we have so many payment options in place to help you and we will always personalise a payment plan to what will comfortably work for you.

The Cost of Dental Treatment

If the main concern for your dental treatment is money, 9 times out of 10 we can come up with a solution that will suit you financially. And the appointments to come in and chat about this are totally FOC (free of charge) – there are no hidden costs and there are no hidden treatment plans. Everything is discussed and there is no judgement or pressure to go ahead with dental treatment. We will sometimes give you a couple of options with your treatment so you can take them home, have a think and perhaps a discussion with family or friends and then you can call us with any questions you may have or further discuss any option you would like to go ahead with.

Before you know it, YOU are a regular patient who comes to see us every 6 months and who we all know by name.  Honestly, from the bottom of my dental heart we don’t mind that you’ve not seen a dentist for 20 years, we understand and we love the fact that you have chosen our practice to come to!

Tips to Deal with Dental Anxiety

If you are thinking of booking in with us and are still suffering with dental anxiety, here are some handy tips which may help:-

  1. Focus on breathing regularly and slowly before you make the call
  2. Choose a low-stress appointment time when you are not in a rush
  3. Share your fears with Reception at the practice when you first make your appointment
  4. Listen to the relaxing tunes we have on at the practice (or you can bring your own favourites if it helps?)
  5. Focus on breathing slowly during your dental checkup
  6. Use hand signals to show you are OK whilst having treatment
  7. Read our reviews from patients that have been seen at the practice to put your mind at ease
  8. Remember you are in safe hands with us

Call us with any Concerns

If you would like to chat further about any particular fears you have, then please call us and I will do my best to allay your fears and put you at ease. I will be available before your appointment and afterwards should you need me.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Maddison Ingram



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