Do you drink enough water?

At Sale Dental Spa, we not only look after the health of your teeth and gums but also look out for your general well being. Today I would like to share with you one amazing fact which will keep you away from trips to your GP.

A doctor friend of mine once told me that he is asked by so many of his patients to give them one tip for good health. After a lot of research he came up with one tip which is related to what 70% off our body is made of. Yes you are on the right track, water! So many diseases prevalent these days which can be avoided by taking a few simple steps. Drinking water is one of them. Water is the main constituent of our body so it is necessary to keep our bodies hydrated all the time. But our busy life style and cold weather prevents us from doing so and we tend to drink tea and coffee most of the time especially during our working hours to keep up with our work colleagues. Changing the habit will take a little time but believe me it can be done. We all at Sale Dental have moved from drinking caffeinated drinks to water and fell great. So much more energised, supple skin and feeling less hungry is only a bonus. We would like to pass this on to our clients so we keep a water dispenser for you in our communal area on the ground floor.

I would like to share some important  points to get the most health benefits out of drinking water.

1, Try to drink one litre (about 4 glasses) of water first thing when you wake up in the morning. This will get your metabolism started and flush your system out when you go to the toilet. If the water can be warmed, it’s even better.

2, Drink hot water 40 minutes after every meal. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner but not straight after. Warm water helps in metabolising the fatty content of the meal in your intestine. Avoid cold water even if it is hot weather.

3, Drink water whilst sitting, avoid drinking when you are standing and gulping large amounts of water.

Trust me follow these simple steps and see how your health starts booming! and that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Stay tuned for more…

Love and care

Dr Aisha Ahmed



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