Cerezen for Pain Relief

Do you suffer from pain in your jaw, shoulder or neck or have tension headaches?

If so it may be worth chatting to your Dentist, either Aisha, Ish or Wajiha, to find out if your symptoms are related to TMJ/TMD – otherwise known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.  TMD is a condition which results in pain and or tenderness in your muscles and the joints that control your jaws.

Our local representative Nicola came in to see us this week to give our Associate Dentist, Ish, and me an update about Cerezen™, a state of the art device which can really help to relieve symptoms such as jaw and neck pain which many of our patients suffer from.

Research has also shown that more than 12% of adults suffer from chronic pain in their jaw, face, neck and/or shoulders and have headaches and/or shoulder and neck stiffness.  Some or all of these symptoms are suffered by our patients and have become known as the range of symptoms related to TMD.

The temporomandibular joint in your face enables you to move your jaw so that you can go about your daily life and enables you to speak, eat, sing and even laugh! I can see why it is known as the TMJ or TMD for short!

Symptoms of TMD

If you suffer from the following;-

  • Discomfort when you bite
  • Ear pressure/pain/ringing in the ears
  • Headaches
  • Jaw muscle pain
  • Jaw muscle stiffness
  • A “locked jaw”
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain

What is Cerezen™

Cerezen™ is a “first of it’s kind” device that is used to treat jaw pain and tension type headaches and has been proven to be clinically effective.

It is custom-made for the individual to fit into their ears.

Benefits of Cerezen™

  • It is customised to you
  • It is discreet so is not immediately visible
  • It is comfortable
  • Can be worn in the day or the night
  • There are no adverse effects on your speech
  • There are no adverse effects on your hearing
  • There are no long-term side effects
  • It is non-invasive


Steps to Jaw, Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Once you have been diagnosed as having TMD and have decided to use Cerezen™ you are booked in to have a coloured mould made of your ear canal, so that it fits in snugly for you, and then this is sent to the laboratory to have a bespoke polymer device made just for you.

This takes around a week to come back from the laboratory and you will then be booked in to have an appointment for a fitting to ensure that you are comfortable and that you have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Once you are happy that you know what to do and when to use your device you are given a container to keep your product safe along with a handy brush so that you can quickly and easily remove any debris from the device without damaging it in any way.

The polymer (plastic) parts are colour coded so you put each in the correct ear each time you use them.

The good news is that patients report that the device doesn’t affect their life and they don’t have to alter their lifestyle very much at all to accommodate their treatment.

Quality of Life Questionnaire

If you are unsure about what impact this pain has on your life and your general well being, then Cerezen™ has produced a special Quality of Life Questionnaire so that you can pinpoint where any pain is coming from and identify any specific areas or have general pain in your facial and neck areas.

Please speak to Ish or our Reception Team so that you can fill out your own questionnaire before your appointment.

What is the Cost of Cerezen™?

The recommended retail price of Cerezen™ is £996 but here at Sale Dental Spa the cost is just £550 so what are you waiting for? If you are suffering from pain and it is impacting on your quality of life then this small device could really improve your quality of life for the better.


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