Aamna Ali – Fixed Braces

I had a slight overlap in my top front teeth and my canines stuck out slightly which made me feel very conscious in photographs when I smiled and laughed, especially in photographs. I had Invisalign® earlier on but because I didn’t wear my retainers as soon as I finished my treatment they moved out of place.  I was unsure about having Orthodontic treatment again and thought maybe composite bonding veneers would be an option for me. Dr Aisha Ahmed went through the different options and advised me that fixed braces would give me the best outcome and would be the least destructive. So she convinced me to give Orthodontics another go and I’m happy I did!

My treatment was for less than a year but every time I went in everyone was really friendly so the time flew by. They have free parking on site which makes visits very easy. I’m really happy with my smile and I wear my retainers regularly now so my teeth stay perfect.

I also had teeth whitening at the end of my treatment which gave the finishing touches to my smile. I feel so much more confident at work, which has been noted by my work colleagues. I do wonder why did I wait all that time before deciding on braces.

I recommend Sale Dental Spa to everyone who is thinking of having any cosmetic dental work done and have already recommended Dr Aisha to a few people at work as I feel like they aim to get a perfect result every time!



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