Time for a Smile Makeover?

Bonding Hides the Flaws

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As a dentist, I see plenty of people who want to fix their teeth. A chipped front tooth, a very dark tooth, a cracked tooth, crooked teeth, one or more missing teeth.

That’s great, because today, with new technology (which seems like a bit of magic), a dentist can fix the ‘imperfections’ in their teeth.

‘Composite bonding’ is the technique that dentists use to fix these problems…

What exactly is ‘Composite Bonding’?

It’s similar to getting a filling when you’ve got tooth decay. The dentist uses that same material — composite resin — to create a very thin veneer on the ‘problem’ teeth. The composite resin material is colour-matched to blend with your other teeth.
– Bonding hides all the flaws, especially the chips, cracks and stains.
– Bonding covers a wonky crooked tooth – or a tooth that just doesn’t look right.
– Bonding even helps close a small tooth gap!

And it doesn’t cost an arm & a leg’…
In fact, it’s less expensive than “porcelain veneers”, a similar procedure to hide flaws.

In just one visit, we can fix your funky wonky teeth … transform them…
Honestly, I encourage my patients to get it done.
When we’re finished, when you smile in the mirror… you will see a brand-new smile…

August Promotion: Have 4+ teeth bonded & receive free teeth whitening!

Click this link to learn more about Composite Bonding, and get started on your journey to a beautiful smile.

I can tell you this, you will never regret it!

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