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Fixed braces

Dr. Basil Hatahet, our Orthodontist on Staff and Dr. Aisha Ahmed will help transform your smile

Fixed braces- Fast, Safe, Affordable

Fixed braces are the original, fast and safe system to treat crooked teeth whether they are crowded or gappy, as an alternative to the traditional braces on offer. Ideal for patients of any age, Fixed braces deliver fast and efficient results that provide the perfect smile in less time than normal braces, and with more success.

For teeth to be crooked they have to come out of the gum tilted rather than straight, which means the root of the tooth is also crooked and not upright as it should be. Traditional braced tackle this problem by using square mechanisms to tackle the crown of the tooth in the first year and the root in the second, requiring two years of treatment overall.

The fixed braces system we use works on a different principle, using a triangular shape to allow for the use of one just one orthodontic wire during treatment. During the treatment period, the triangular shaped braces will move the crown and the root of the teeth simultaneously, right from the start. This means the root is forced upright quickly and the tooth is rapidly straightened. In some cases, this treatment is so effective it only takes a few months to see a difference.

The Fixed Braces Procedure

Step One

Before you are fitted with your Fixed braces you will first have a consultation with Dr Aisha Ahmed or orthodontist Dr Basil Hatahet, during which you will discuss what you want to gain from the treatment. This consultation will also include an examination, after which your dentist will decide whether fixed braces are right for your teeth.

Step Two

Once you have confirmed that Fixed braces are the right treatment for you, you will then be fitted with the Fixed braces brackets and wires, which will instantly begin work moving your crow and root at the same time to create a straight smile without the long wait.

Step Three

During your treatment you will be required to attend regular check ups to have your braces adjusted and ensure your teeth are moving as they should. If the process is a success, it could only be a matter of months before you are enjoying straight teeth and a flawless smile.


Contact us to schedule an appointment with our office if you are considering orthodontics.


Are Fixed braces Right For Me?

Fixed braces are designed to suit almost any patient, from children to adults. Although there are occasional cases that are not suited to Fixed braces, most people are recommended to choose this treatment plan to ensure they receive the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

If you are worried that previous dental treatment or cavities may cause problems during your braces treatment, contact a dentist to organise a free consultation. During your meeting, you can discuss any concerns you may have, and your dentist will examine your mouth to ensure you are suitable for the procedure.



Why are Fixed braces so effective?

Traditional braces often rely on square wires to target the crown of tooth followed by the root, which can be time consuming. Fixed braces use a specially designed triangular wire to target both the crown and root at the same time, so you can enjoy the same benefits without the long wait. By targeting the root from the beginning of treatment, Fixed braces ensure that there is no delay in repositioning and straightening the teeth, which must leave the gum completely upright in order to deliver the perfect smile.

Can children have Fixed braces?

Fixed braces are suitable for patients of any age, from children and teenagers to adults.The treatment can be adjusted so children will have braces that work perfectly to adjust their teeth as quickly as possible.

How fast are Fixed braces?

Traditional braces can take up to two years to fully adjust the position of teeth, but the fixed  braces we use are able to half that time by targeting the root of the tooth and the crown at the same time. In fact, Fixed braces are so effective that some patients have reported success in just three months, with the average treatment taking between three and ten.

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