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Denture Stabilization

Dr. Aisha Ahmed and her team can stabilize your dentures.

The Benefits of Denture Stabilization

seniorcouple8Over time, the bony structure of your denture that supports your soft tissues is lost. As your soft tissue makes contact with your dentures, this will also begin to recede with the bone, leaving you constantly adjusting your dentures and struggling with everyday tasks such as speaking and chewing. However, these problems can all be eliminated with the help of denture stabilisation.

Implant Supported Dentures:
  • Provide tremendous support and fixation so you can comfortably speak, chew, and smile.
  • Keep your upper and lower jaw bone from receding which prevents facial shape changes like the “shrunken” look.
  • Perfect option for patients with dentures who do not want to go through the expense required for individual tooth implants.

What is Denture Stabilisation?

Denture stabilisation is the process of inserting multiple implants into the jaw in order to stabilise full or partial dentures. Similar to regular dental implants but slightly smaller, denture implants are inserted into the jaw to provide anchorage for otherwise moveable dentures.

With the help of denture stabilisation treatment, denture wearers can enjoy the benefits of dentures without the drawbacks. Without stabilisation it can be hard for denture wearers to laugh, speak or even eat with confidence, and many people lack the self-esteem to join in with social events through fear of embarrassment. Denture stabilisation can also help with speech, making it easier for you to form words and speak without concern that your dentures will move.

After having your implants placed, your dentures will be adjusted to attach to the implants. Even patients with some bone loss can benefit from Implant Supported Dentures. In one simple procedure all the discomfort of dentures can be eliminated.

There is overwhelming evidence that stabilized dentures should be the first choice standard of care for denture wearers.

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Are denture implants cheaper than normal dental implants?

Mini denture implants are significantly cheaper than dental implants, due to their size, their reduced complexity and the single session approach to multiple implants. While dental implants require individual fittings and custom screws, multiple denture implants can be created simultaneously and inserted during one fitting, reducing the time taken to complete the procedure. Your current dentures can also be adapted to attach to your new implants, whereas traditional dental implants require individual crowns or bridges to be constructed each time.

Will denture implants help me retain my facial shape?

Yes. It’s common for patients with missing teeth to suffer from a “shrunken” look, which is caused by your upper and lower jaw bone receding from lack of structure. By inserting stable implants, you can help maintain your appearance and prevent your facial shape from adjusting with time.

How long will the denture implants last?

Just like traditional dental implants, mini denture implants can last up to and over ten years if treated well and properly maintained. By following the daily oral hygiene routine set out by your dentist, you can prevent the build up of bacteria on and around the denture implants. Regular cleaning of your denture will also help to prevent infection and reduce the chance of damage to the gum surrounding your new mini implants.

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