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Anti-wrinkle treatments

Anti-wrinkle treatments Manchester

We all want to look as young as possible for as long as possible, but sometimes we need a helping hand to get us looking our best. Anti-wrinkle treatments are a popular method of reducing lines and other signs of ageing to produce a fresh look that will give you confidence in your appearance.


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What Are Wrinkle Treatments?

Anti-wrinkle treatments or facial rejuvenation treatments are pain free non-surgical procedures that aim to successfully combat ageing associated with time and sun exposure. There are many products and procedures on offer within the market but the most common, Botox, aims to reverse relaxation of the muscle tissue and achieve a more youthful complexion, with deep tissue breakdown when used in conjunction with Dermal Fillers. This particular treatment takes between two to four weeks to take effect, and will last between four and six months.

Collagen is a popular alternative to Botox, and can be injected into the face to fill wrinkles or make lips look fuller and younger. This treatment can take from a few minutes to an hour, and the results are noticeable immediately. Like Botox, Collagen patients can expect to have their results for around six months.

Laser skin resurfacing is a popular modern alternative to Botox and Collagen that using laser treatment to fight against the signs of ageing. This non-surgical treatment uses a laser beam that’s broken up into a number if small miniature beams to target specific areas of the face, promoting healing and the production of collagen. This particular treatment is ideal for the smoothing of wrinkles and the removal of blemishes such as acne scars.


The Benefits of Wrinkle Treatments

The most obvious and sought after benefits of anti-wrinkle treatments are the reduction in wrinkle and the other signs of ageing. Both women and men have used anti wrinkle treatments for decades to create a youthful and fresh look, but modern technology is now beginning to perfect the art and create flawless finishes without the need for surgery or pain.

Aside from reducing wrinkles, many anti-ageing treatments will reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars, such as acne scars. This process can create an even more healthy and fresh look, helping patients to have the appearance of flawless skin, no matter what their age.


The Wrinkle Treatment Procedure

The treatment procedure differs depending on the chosen therapy, but the process involves the careful planning of procedures to ensure the success of facial rejuvenation. While speaking with Dr Aisha Ahmed and her team, you can discuss your needs and create a schedule of the most appropriate process in your particular case. If Botox and laser skin resurfacing are both required, it is

likely your dentist will ask you to book separate appointments, so you can be sure each treatment has had time to settle before another is begun. Once complete, you can discuss the success of your treatment with your dentist and arrange for future appointments that will continue the anti-wrinkle process and help you maintain and youthful appearance.

If you require facial rejuvenation treatment and want to avail the special offers, please contact us immediately to set up an appointment with our office.


Do I Need Any Aftercare?

Although not always necessary, aftercare could be arranged with the dentist to discuss the results of the anti-wrinkle treatments, as well as any concerns you may have. This is particularly common after the first treatment and amongst those who have never undertaken facial rejuvenation treatments before.

It is likely, however, that your dentist will provide you with information on how to care for your skin following your procedures to help avoid any infection and to promote healing. This can be discussed before or after the initial treatment has taken place, so you can begin caring for your skin immediately.


Are Wrinkle Treatments Right For Me?

Unlike surgical anti-wrinkle treatments, these pain free alternatives are the ideal choice for those who fear major alterations to their face or the use of general anaesthetic. Non-surgical anti wrinkle treatments can provide a youthful and fresh appearance to those who wish to feel younger, making them the ideal choice for anyone who is beginning to feel their age.

The variety of anti wrinkle treatments available means its likely you can find a treatment that suits you, regardless of your skin type, age or desires. Simply contact Dr Aisha Ahmed and her team to find out what she can do to help you look and feel young again.



Do these anti wrinkle treatments require surgery?

No, Dr Aisha Ahmed’s range of anti wrinkle procedures are all non-surgical and pain free, so you can book your treatment in confidence whether it is your first time or your fiftieth. Unlike many anti ageing procedures, all of those on offer from Dr Aisha Ahmed are comfortable and fast acting, providing results without the need for any painful treatment or surgical intervention. Discuss your treatment with Dr Aisha Ahmed and her team to find out what she can offer you.

How long will it take for my treatment to take effect?

Many non-surgical ant-wrinkle treatments can take up to four weeks to take effect, but they will begin to show without requiring any further intervention form yourself or your dentist. There are some treatments, however, that deliver instant results, such as collagen. Unlike Botox or laser skin resurfacing, collagen offers instant results that can have you looking and feeling younger in moments,

so you can book your appointment ahead of a last minute date or a long-awaited event.

How long will my treatment last?

The results of your anti-wrinkle treatment will vary in duration based on the type of treatment chosen and your skin type. In same cases, treatments such as Botox and Collagen can provide results for up to six months, so you’ll only require two treatment each year to maintain your youthful appearance. Others may require up to four treatments a year to maintain the same fresh feeling.

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