Reopening update

We have been given the go ahead from the health authorities to start opening the practice after placing all safety measures in place so currently we are busy behind the scenes sourcing the correct PPE which is quite challenging.

Priority will be given to the patients who require urgent care first and routine dentistry and any procedures which require use of the drill or scaler will have to wait until it is safe.

If you are having a dental emergency such as pain or swelling and require an appointment, please contact us by phone or email. Do not hesitate to contact us for any general advice regarding a dental matter such as broken filings, loose crowns or bleeding gums etc. Also keep checking our social media for advice and updates.


Your revised patient journey:

Our team understands that the COVID-19 situation has been a difficult time for you and your loved ones. But with dental practices beginning to open and as hints of normalcy begin to creep back into our everyday lives, it is our duty to ensure that we are able to fulfil your dental needs as safely and as best/efficient as possible. Our aim as a nation is to reduce the risk of a second spike in the virus spread. Therefore, the Sale Dental team have been working together to redesign the way we will be able to welcome you back in a safe manner.

This journey puts the safety of you and our team paramount.

Despite the fact that things might be slightly different around the practice, i.e. no other patients to chat with whilst waiting, no magazines and books to peruse in our waiting room, you can feel rest assured that the same friendly and caring team will be here to guide you throughout your patient journey. We would also respectfully request your cooperation with any new or modified procedures at the practice as they have been put in place with safety at the forefront.

Our team will be contacting patients who have had problems during this ‘lockdown’ initially, then our patients with delayed or on-going treatment will be prioritised in the first few weeks of opening.

Our normal cross-infection control protocols at Sale Dental against previously known pathogens are already woven into all clinical activity carried out at the Practice. It should be remembered that the dental practice is already an exceptionally clean and safe environment compared to public areas and it is not possible for us to control sources of infection outside the dental practice.


Before your appointment

Approximately one to two weeks before your appointment, we will text, email or call you to confirm that you are healthy and ready for your appointment with us. Any explanation of treatment and charges (if any) will be done and you will be asked to pay it prior to the appointment, to reduce contact.

Within this text or email, there will be an attachment with a Medical History and covid risk assessment form, we do ask that you complete this as soon as possible before your appointment. If an updated Medical History is not received, unfortunately we will cancel your appointment with a cancellation charge.

On the day of your appointment

Before you arrive at the Practice, we ask that where possible, you have been to your toilet, ensure you are hydrated, brushed your teeth and bring your pen in case you need to use it. Also please arrive alone, unless it is a child attending with a parent, or someone vulnerable. Try not to bring any extra things such hand bags or extra clothing that would need to be removed. This is to minimise cross infection.

Upon your arrival, the door will be locked so ensure that you wait in your vehicle, as a member of our team will be on hand to greet you and escort you into the practice.


Entering the Practice

When it is time for your appointment, the Reception Team will telephone you and you will be asked to enter through the  practice where you will be met by a ‘greeter’ , who will be wearing personal protective equipment. The ‘greeter’ will ask you to use a hand sanitiser, digitally take your temperature (if this is higher than 37.8c, we will be unable to see you). She might ask you to put a mask on.



Upon entering the surgery, you will notice that your Clinical Team will be wearing extra Personal Protective Equipment, We apologise in advance for the necessary reduction in social interaction that this will necessitate. Whilst our PPE may appear impersonal and distant, please be assured it is still us.

You will be asked to wash your hands. If you are attending an appointment which is an aerosol generated procedure (AGP), you will be asked to swill your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash.

The use of rubber dam will further reduce bio aerosols

The surgery door will be closed throughout the procedure.

After your treatment we will explain the need of any further appointments and you will be escorted outside the practice. If you have any queries please ask the dentist before leaving the treatment room to minimise stopping at reception area.