Anti Wrinkle Treatment ManchesterOur prices won’t make you frown!

Our treatments are carried out in a state of the art clinic by extensively trained professionals who are highly experienced with anti-wrinkle treatments.

Every one of you is an individual hence the treatment plan is individual too, we do not believe in one plan fits all. For those new to us a complimentary consultation is carried out at which your needs are assessed then the treatment and dose required is explained before carrying out the treatment. If you are after a natural look or totally frozen look the dosa varies accordingly. It is all documented on a face map in your records, a follow up appointment is booked after 2 weeks and results are reassessed. If you got your desired results then the same dosage of materials is repeated in your future appointments, if not adjustments are made. This is the key to our long list of happy patients who keep coming back for repeat treatments.


Anti Wrinkle Injections to Face – FOR HER

1 area From £125*
*£125 if 2 areas done together. 3rd area is free.
 3 areas  £250
 4 Areas  £325

Anti Wrinkle Injections to Face – FOR HIM (we like to call it Botox)

1 area £150
2 areas £250
3rd area £275

Other Anti Wrinkle Injections

Chemical Brow Lift £250
Under Arm Botox

Gummy smile correction



A firm favourite with our professionals, professional sports people and glamorous cocktail shakers!


Dermal Fillers

Lip Definition from £125
Lip Augmentation from £200
Naso Labial (nose to mouth lines) from £220
Marionette (sad smile lines) from £220
Smokers Lines from £110
Glabella & Crowsfeet £125
Cheek Augmentation from £285
Tear Trough Correction from £250
Nose Augmentation from £350

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